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Back in the early nineties, BellCon was founded on the idea that the knowledge from our years as a manufacturer of domestic lighting could be translated into the development of superior high quality UV lamps for banknote detection.

It all started with UV lamps

From 1992 and throughout the nineties, the Danish BellCon manufactured UV lamps achieved unparalleled success on the European market and laid the foundation for further products that were on the cutting edge of design and technology.

In 1994, BellCon began to develop a new electronic detector, specifically designed for detection of US dollar banknotes. By using new technology, this was the first desktop detector in the world, able to detect the very best professionally made counterfeits; the so-called “Super dollar”.

This further spread the knowledge of BellCon on a worldwide basis and solidified our reputation as an innovative pioneer in the field of cash handling equipment. Throughout the years, the “SuperVision” detectors have been continuously improved with new technologies to maintain their status as the best of the best in the particular niche.

The newest generation called SuperVision mc2 uses cutting edge technology and is the result of years of money detection experience. Its universally praised, ergonomic and user-friendly operation is highly appreciated by users.

In 2001/2002 BellCon took another step to provide a complete range of products and developed the Evision DT detector to accommodate the need for a strong euro detector as this currency was introduced in 2002. Evision has received widespread acclaim for its unique design and was developed through consultations with specialists and with strong support from the European Central Bank. The Evision DT was later complemented by the Evision 4D and the new Evision SD, which has been specially designed to fulfil all modern retail shops’ need of convenient and fast verification of euro banknotes.

BellCon embraces the forces of globalisation with open arms and we have been intensifying our cooperation with a few quality suppliers and partners in the Far East. This has allowed us to focus on our strengths and combined with the talent and know-how of our partners, we find ourselves in the strongest ever position for the future.

In recent years, because of continuous demand from our wide and trusted network of distributors, BellCon has further expanded the product portfolio which now also includes various Danish designed banknote counters and further equipment used for the counting and sorting of banknotes and coins. However, we are continuously looking for new products that will give our customers the opportunity to create added value to their business.

In 2017 we celebrated our 25th anniversary, feeling stronger than ever and ready for the exiting challenges of the next 25 years.

Partnership and product value

BellCon continues to expand its global network of suppliers and strategic partners to offer superior quality products at competitive prices for the benefit of our distributors.

We are very user-oriented and service minded in our approach to doing business and we are always asking ourselves how we can improve and provide even better support for our distributors.

Putting a BellCon label on a product is not something we take lightly and much more we see it as our ultimate commitment to excellent quality and support.

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