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Evision SD

Evision SD handles banknotes in the four orientations and with only one button, it is very easy for all cashiers to use.

Evision SD displays the total sum and number of accepted euro banknotes in a large and clear LED display and an acoustic signal indicates when suspect banknotes are detected.

Evision SD is very tolerant to dirty and worn banknotes and a rechargeable battery can be inserted for portable operation (optional).

When new banknotes are issued, the software is updateable by a standard microSD Card or USB cable. It has never been easier.

Fast, small, quiet, efficient, beautiful and simple. Evision SD is the smart solution.

pdf Evision SD Datasheet (1.82 MB)

Detection Infra-red, colour, magnetic print and magnetic thread sensors combined with length and thickness measurement
Counting Accepted notes and total value
Available currencies Contact BellCon
Max. installed currencies 2
Software/detection upgrade Yes (by USB cable or microSD card)
Feeder system Manual
Transport system Belt type, motorized
Detection/counting speed > 2 notes per second
Banknote orientations 4
Options Rechargeable battery
Battery power Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Power supply 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (wall plug adapter)
Power consumption Max. 10 W
Dimensions (D x H x W) 15,2 x 9,0 x 13,4 cm
Weight 0,57 kg (without battery)
Packing information 12 pieces

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